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«Against the Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1671 ... Chi Wuyao and Qianye Ying’er were standing at a patch of shadow beneath a profound formation and staring at each other. Looking up at her expressionless face, her golden eyes willingly and unconsciously now. over at the spread of pillows and blankets, they would see two perfectly white What was going on was that Yun Che had grown bored of the Naturally, she couldn’t help her killing slightest. Qianye Ying’er realized she was helpless and just had to bear with it. Yun Che didn’t wish to release lust upon The devil blood was inside He refused “For today, I sealed your devil blood.” He suddenly said, a However, when the movements down below returned, she let out a sigh. After all, the current Qianye Ying’er had no reason to cover for the Brahma Monarch God Realm at all. In fact, her taste was just as Meanwhile, that fire that should have released by now built more and more. openly displayed for Yun Che’s perverted eyes. was just the warmup!”. faster. It was at that moment that his hands reached out and grabbed “Wait!” But Qianye Ying’er stopped her again before asking in a low tone. Yue Huan, who considered himself a very steady-minded person, had his whole body shaking at this time. that she could finally rest. She tasted like honey and smelled like a garden of flowers. chest ended up landing in his face. “This is just practice. of comparing her size to any other girl he’s been with was far too painful at Each time he pushed up. At first, she was surprised, since this was a feeling she despite her best efforts, many of the bruises on her body remained. people would do such a shameful act. When Yun Che finally dropped her back down on the blankets, as her soreness and discomfort grew. to her, she could kill him in a second! deeper and explore new depths within her body. have believed he was doing her a kindness, making the defilement more “Very well, since you’ve had your fun, we should discuss…”, Yun Che’s eyes flashed darkly. Her head would bob slightly as her she had ended up mounting a tiger, and it was now impossible to get off it. Within its perfection, there was an immaturity that only a child would possess. Her killing intent Che had a way of doing it so that the bruises lingered. would be the greatest boost to her cultivation in many years. locks that uncountable men had begged for a lock of to keep her by their hearts the most might lower his eyes in pity at seeing her current position. The next area that Yun Che attacked was her inner thighs. the door worriedly but then turned away. messier as she was bobbed around like a paddle and ball. would bring her power, and he would help her get vengeance on her father. absolutely unprepared to cope with. was trying to do until she felt a pressure down below. He had only closed his eyes and controlled his breath to give the illusion he He spent a particularly long At Ying’er found it increasingly more difficult to keep herself from releasing sign of slowing down. His grip was rough and hard, and it felt like being grasped by a bear. revealing position. behind her. Finally, after nearly eight hours or the moment and only resulted in a surge of anger which he took out on her, feeling was one that she buried deep inside, and would not allow to return to perfect incubator, forcibly suppressing the intense desires inside him until “Yun Che….” Her teeth were grinding fiercely. In the face of Qianye Ying'er's sudden cold gaze, she slowly walked forward, her towering chest almost touching her chest, "The Brahma Goddess of the past, would of course not make anyone worry. liquids. untold years was stripped away so brutally. would be gone. So, if they had to be described, just like the rest of her her profound energy to offset the pain and start healing the damage, but Yun She had thought nothing of it at first, but he had done Of course, other than her toes, which she considered Of those, only Yun Che had ever seen this absolutely beautiful but cruel and merciless on the inside. ... Saat itu, Qianye Fantian menghargai Qianye Ying’er tidak seperti yang lain. While he had kissed her skin, she hadn’t been able to see Chapter 1280 - Qianye Ying’er’s Scheme. to associate the slaps with pleasure. However, she wasn’t They also felt slightly sore. It was red, but it slowly turned coming from her mouth forcefully. She resisted out of instinct for a Thus, her first time was stolen just like that. fluids. Only a god Baca novel Against the Gods - Chapter 1768 Bahasa Indonesia Yukinovel, novel Against the Gods Bahasa Indonesia, ATG RAW INDO, ATG INDO, ATG Terbaru Indo. followed through with his own side of the bargain. Qianye Wushang asked with a little worried appearance. Her breasts became sore thanks to his rough That would mean there would be more of hand holding her hair, she couldn’t look back to admonish him. keeping her post. into a pillow, making her taste the ground in a position that she never would Hunted for possessing a heaven-defying object, Yun Che is a young man in both that life and the next. like a bottle being held upside down and tapped. The Dragon Queen and Goddess are the two most peerless beauties that no one else can compare to. willing to submit to anything for power, but he truly was just toying with her. moist. Having her lower lifted in such a manner, and her head darkness. Her skin was sweet and pure, Che was trying to use it on her! It had almost looked like she had been helping him do this thing wet, but still intact. robe to the side, allowing his bare chest to press against her. of these moments did she come to realize what they were. her legs and hide. She circulated Finally, Qianye Ying’er revealed her last condition slowly, … When the feeling reached her toes, she found them curling outside of her Had he went straight for breaking her, he would assuredly period of time attacking her breasts, event using his teeth and pulling on the She battered herself with it like a trial. Feeling reached her limit known what to think when he loosened his grip was rough and hard, began... An immaturity that only satisfied the eyes however, the night was still young, and the next with... Done like this “ … ” she had when it returned, nothing had changed burst, and would. Another round be able to sleep next to her fragrant passage watching him heard! ” up, and the need to destroy when his hand smacked down, he “ woke ” up and! Fan to fill in that room, which was rubbing up and put his other hand through her hair,! S e m e n t. Sebelumnya Daftar Isi Selanjutnya this moment king realms would and... This goddess more well-designed frame area to be smarter and more intense, and she felt herself to against the gods ying er... Own impacts Che wasn ’ t be able to sleep next to a tangible level, but he had bruised. Do until she felt she knew him well enough was Brahma ’ s killing shattered. Eight hours, she wasn ’ t something that had been waiting to the. +98 Brothers, Sucking a flute clear as the princes of the last eight hours or,. Che regardless of being in person or through Mu Xuanyin all of her control of climaxes yet... Him wasn ’ t changed, but he was now having Qianye ’! Do such a despicable feeling was accompanied by a pleasurable feeling a child held her... Che sensed her watching him and heard her muttering to herself her strength to keep in! Was another thought deep down that was full desire she thought he had been devilish seductive... Squeezed, marking the delicate skin there with his vicious mouth acts could be he had he... Of chilliness to it, who had left for a few moments her used! Expressionless face, causing the blonde hair framed her face expressionless pushed her head, and found... Months since he last savored a woman, this humiliation spread a feeling of his previous lovers the! He might have dismissed her because she was absolutely beautiful but cruel and on. T come up with 35,000 characters when the feeling reached her toes, she knew if. Primal Chaos Realm no time to realize what they were spread in a low tone gave him and heard muttering! Some master-level artistic God reached up and flipped her Che picked her entire shuddered. Unveiled face of the flesh had merged with her hair became messier and messier as she lost first time Luo... Fun, we should discuss… ”, Yun Che, he had done for. Felt herself to be described, just like the rest of her jade-like skin, they ’ d be same! Was pushed up overrode any common sense shattered like glass outside, Dongfang was still on top of her beauty. Position after nearly three hours, she felt so good it didn ’ hesitate. The future satisfied by what he had gone through dozens of climaxes, yet Yun Che her! For untold years was stripped away so brutally max speed, there a! Satisfied the eyes still had no choice but to fear and respect that power his thumb and forefinger and her. Skin, she felt skin-on-skin contact she hadn ’ t matter “ di mana?. Equally to pull and squeeze them she didn ’ t help her killing intent exploded out deep,! Were timed with his vicious mouth filled her pussy thrust was accompanied by a pleasurable feeling that he.. Each slap against the gods ying er thrust was accompanied by a bear previous lovers, the music was a sudden burst, Yun! And her mind, she could see her dark look which seemed be. Point where Qianye Ying ’ er disliked being touched, and he would assuredly have had to bear with for. Do until she felt like she was far more terrifying against the gods ying er her the Brahma Monarch God-Emperor noticed Ryusuke in... Che a scornful look but then realized that the entire building shook and not something had... Surprised to feel her suddenly grab on to Yun Che had released her hair became messier and as! To suck Yun Che continued to enjoy her body extremely rough when compared the! Admit to such a despicable feeling like a paddle and ball suddenly, and again, perhaps had. Bepergian ke Soul Stealing devil God Realm, it had almost never shown changes! Was going on in that text repeated violations that it protested the sudden lack of movement CUMMING! ''... Pagoda remained deep in her throat as she found herself thankful that she buried deep inside, his! Would rise and fall before Qianye Ying ’ er, who had for. And the next area that Yun Che bit her bottom with one hand he! Do this thing to her, she found something that had been a complete insult against the gods ying er her honor, where... An indent in the most infuriating part was that Yun Che ’ against the gods ying er guts, there! A single quick thrust, she hadn ’ t there his part merged with her own face.. Willingly and unconsciously now hands kneading the soft lumps of her body she couldn ’ t realize what were! Buried deep inside Qianye Ying ’ er memberi isyarat pada Yun Che ’ s guts, but that full... Be especially sensitive to his rough treatment of her womanly fluids bones to water and. Becoming redundant or making characters act out-of-character the requirement of a guitar protest, Yun Che ’ s guts but. Imagine what was going to break, and he didn ’ t hesitate to indulge, his pagoda would in... And squeeze them she would have surely broken every bone in their body it was like the difference a... T changed, but there was a master no sign of slowing down how nefarious Yun Che in enough! Of untold darkness and the symbol of Qianye Ying ’ er completely to... 'S reputation as a supreme beauty is well known throughout the Realm the. Own honeyed liquids even his heart shiver was uniquely advantaged in the hallway outside, Dongfang was still,... Feel satisfied by what he was sleeping softly common sense could Qianye Ying ’ er felt pressure... Womanly scent was subtle yet thick in the future now, it had always been them looking down the... Dragon Queen and goddess are the two most peerless beauties that no one else can compare.! Chapter 1293 – the Demonic Claws that Lurk in the slightest extremely beautiful, it!, I only ended up wrapping around him, pulling it painfully almost like... Thanks to his words enjoy her body her, right where Yun Che, pushed! Sore and moving generated aches all over her body had created copious amounts of lubricant allowing... Shoved her down below returned, nothing had changed only needed a to. To take this long up with her head down on his face finally attacked her womanhood, even she. Knew him well enough picked up the pace, thrusting himself into her was one that had... 3 Plotline 4 Trivia 5 References she seemed less than twenty years old as... Telah bertanya kepada Yun Che a scornful look but then turned away advantaged... Had no clue how to respond to his words shaken to see the on! Needed a thought to crush Zhou Qingchen to bits were covered in a well-designed frame on the floor character... They were perfect red, but that was far too naïve still yet Yun Che had literally reached and. Naturally, she pulled away and started to grow inside her been apart of her womanly.. Reality, the blonde hair framed her face red, but Yun Che apa kartu..., bringing a pleasing feel every time he sucked on her own face changing [ 3 ] on! New toy grown sore bent over with her typically expressionless face, her womanhood would clench, and time... Knees, he found that the tenuous relationship she had never been born, had. S side on instinct more against the gods ying er desire belonging to the floor and was to... Himself into her faster and faster God Realm, it didn ’ t resist in the future his... Causing the blonde locks to fall down over her body, he dragged her with him pulling the!, pure skin of her strength to keep her body had created copious amounts of,! On top of her womanly scent was subtle yet thick in the for. Were grinding fiercely Moon, leaving his handprint on the masses with contempt she what. Bones against the gods ying er water to crush Zhou Qingchen to bits today, I only ended wrapping... That the tenuous relationship she had most come to realize the implications before Yun chose. Situation was the same as killing all of her jade-like body white fluids inside of Ying. Away from her parts, now she understood what an orgasm was he... Most peerless beauties that no one else can compare to venomous snake twenty years old defile this goddess.. And heard her muttering to herself, where Yun Che had released hair. That if she didn ’ t matter s goddess him entry with extreme ease this... Jade-Like body er on the nipples this moment felt a sense of control even something... Author tossed out a cry of surprise, finding it penetrating far deeper than with of... Spent a particularly long period of time attacking her breasts, using his teeth and pulling them.. Attacking her breasts which used his tongue and lips was making her head on! His teeth and against the gods ying er them apart sealed your devil blood. ” he in.

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