pentair mastertemp 400 common problems

Set your thermostat to a higher temperature. If you figured out your problem I would appreciate the advice. Have you checked that there is enough water flow reaching the heater? We have already replaced the thermal regulator and the internal gas valve…. If your heater flames are orange and not bluish, it means you are not getting a good burn of the fuel. What do i do next? Poor water chemistry is one of the leading causes of equipment failure, especially pool heaters. Matthew hasn’t been heard from since just after Tax Day. Yes, it should shut off once the heater senses the drop in water flow. The heater works the SHUTS off given a LO ERROR. Water flow low. If still no pilot, check for 24v on the red wire leading to the gas valve. Ensure that the thermostat is set to a higher temperature than the current water temperature. If your heater is undersized, it will have problems heating your pool up. Good troubleshooting. What could have occurred? Thanks! The problem is that when my pool pump turns off by the timer, the heater fan constantly cycles approximately 30 seconds on and 3-5 seconds off. Do they have it programmed to turn off at a certain time using the “AUTO” mode? He tinkered around with it, said he couldn’t figure out the issue and suggested we start replacing parts one by one… I was hoping for a more direct approach. My first thought/question, why didn’t you buy a propane heater to begin with? And yes we see more of these units fail with saltwater. any ideas?? still have the same problem. It does heat the spa about 1 degree every cycle. thanks Dapooltec - I wrote up but for some reason I must not have submitted a virtually identical answer. If natural gas, confirm proper gas pressure at the gas valve (minimum levels can be found on the rating plate inside the unit). There are also videos about this. Answer #9817. I then drained some water through the pressure relief valve that was literally hot enough to make tea. I have a Hayward Titanium Heat pro model HP21104t model heat pump. If no pilot, confirm that gas in turned on at the shutoff and on the gas valve in the heater. if that is missing or deteriorated that could be causing your overheating. But, that model uses two sensors with different Ohm ranges. But that is just a guess until I have the above info. Water is flowing, fan comes on, I see the flame in the tiny peep hole. I will say my motor has been acting up and is ready to go!!! According to the HP75TR owner manual, the E08 means there is a problem with the LED controller or PCB connection. well before it has reached the set temperature. 99 My Sta Rite SN0004NA heater turns on, fires up, heats water for 3 minutes and turns off. This should only take 5-10 minutes and should be part of a spring cleaning routine. Replacing the sensor is really easy, and you can do it yourself. I can see the the pilot light and the gas being lit but it goes off just after few seconds. ... needs must be made by a Pentair dealer or other qualified agency using factory specified and approved parts. If this is model 206-406, and if the unit was recently fired up for the summer, then there is something that should be done. going back into your pool. You may want to make sure you have the circular insulation mat that sits between the blower’s flange and the stack. If so, then the proving signal is not getting back to the PC Board. Thank You! I agree with Jeff, the code and activity you are seeing are completely normal. Pool features off and pool return is on full. Replaced with this Pentair 472610Z June 21, 2019. Heater Raypak P-R266A-EN-C, 266,000 BTU/HR, 10,000 GA in-ground pool. Pentair Master Temp 400. What is the full model number? If no power, replace the board. If this thing is new, I would contact Hayward or the installer to see if they can troubleshoot the issue. Anyway, regarding the code, I believe that it is a gas line issue, I will be installing a new gas line and regulator and see of that helps. List BURNER SYSTEM 1 42001-0051S Combination Gas Control Valve Kit 1 400.73 412.75 2 38404-4097S 3/4 in. If so, that would be important info to know. Stay well. It only heats up to about 62 after an hour. Make sure to keep your valves open as to not prevent the water flow. It would be important to know what diagnostic/alert LEDs are showing on the board when the heater shuts off. I got everything installed and the heater starts and fires up and the shuts off and gives a IF code. Now saying it is the gas pressure. Then when he left the heater started working! Thanks, MIKE. Pentair Master Temp 400. It would reset then after 3 minutes it worked as normal. What model is your pool heater? Use the up/down arrow and it will respond. It would light and heat the water for say about 1-2 minutes, then cut out, blow the fan a bit, then relight. 3-5 different H200 models have varying firing processes. I had this same problem. Are there any pop, clicks, or whistling noise that could be a hint to a gas line issue? The Pentair 460737 MasterTemp Eco-Friendly Heater is a 400K BTU high performance propane gas pool heater. What should I do? The latter should definitely be checked by a professional. No service system or service heater lights. Check the Thermal regulator. So too, can a low flow condition, whatever the cause of that. If we have 24v at the purple wire then the heater should fire. Did we ruin our new 2019 jandy gas heater? The only thing left would be a bad control board (unlikely since it’s running 10 minutes), or the gas valve. Installing and troubleshooting a heater that is still under warranty without proper licensing can forfeit your warranty under the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. A solar cover would help with heat loss, but that model heater is very capable of recovering heat loss in that size pool. It does heat the pool great otherwise. Description Qty. Any way to improve it by maintenance or adjusment? Any additional thoughts? Either blow on the hose or suck on the suction side. Cheers and thanks again The water coming out of the returns is not nearly as hot as it was last season. A few times recently the pump wouldn't turn on, but eventually did. it will kick back on when I get the pilot lit again but turns off again. Clicks constantly trying to light for several minutes. It used to heat to 100 in about a half hour. Orifices were clean. I had a pool guy out to look at it due to this issue a month ago. The blower will go through a cooling cycle and not come on again. by Miller Pool Service | Oct 25, 2011 | Heater, Pentair, Service and Repair I was called out to look at a Pentair MasterTemp 400 pool heater in Newport Beach today. It runs great every year but this time when it fired up, you could see the flames inside and black smoke is coming out of the top. I have a Pentair Master temp 200 heater. If water flow is insufficient (less than 1.6 lps), then it could be tripping one of the overtemp sensors. The setpoint is 84. Any thoughts? They may point you to a local warranty service to get the heat pump inspected. Hi, got a Hayward HP75TR, ’bout 3 years old now. Any suggestions? The Pentair MasterTemp 400 Pool Heater is said to be one of the most popular natural gas pool heaters today not only in the North American market but also in Europe. Keeps throwing the breaker at the Pentair panel after 1 hour of operation. If we have a pilot, but no voltage to purple wire, then it could be the ignition control. Apart from being arguably the greenest pool heater (excluding solar), the Pentair 460805 MasterTemp has a lot going for it. There is a delay before the compressor tries to kick on. I have a three year old Aqua Cal electric pool heater. US List Can. I have taken apart the Hayward 4820 filter over and over. It was so nice we did it twice. When I fire up the heater on Pool it begins to heat but after about 5-10 minutes it moves over to Spa Heat (which I don’t have a spa) and shuts down the heater. Replaced both thermostats The pool temp is reading at 82 and the heater is set to 88. Instead, correct the installation. I guess this removed fitting has something to do with detecting water flow thru the heat exchanger. Is the water to temp when the pump shuts off? If the heater is not flashing a code, then you may need to contact Pentair for a service call to figure out the deeper-lying issue. But does it cost too much to run? It will manipulate it and force it to shift. As a redundant safety, I recommend that, in these type of applications, that the power from the heater be wired to the load side of the time clock along with the pump- so that power shuts off to both. What should I be looking for? Everything seems to be working fine, with the exception, that the heater is always ON. Is there a fault indicated on the control panel? My return lines do not have the D.E. This Pentair® MasterTemp® & Max-E-Therm® Repair Kit includes all of the most common replacement parts for your MasterTemp® & Max-E-Therm® swimming pool heater. The burners have an opening in which the wire can be slid, just beneath the grey burner manifold pipe. View online or download Pentair MASTERTEMP 400 HD Installation And User Manual Without knowing the whole picture of how you particular system is configured, i.e. Pentair 460737 MasterTemp: Wha you need to know. I have a Sta-Rite Sr400HD gas pool heater that is about 8 years old. Any ideas? Any help with solving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Had the heater been leaking or condensing? For operation, heaters require a minimum GPM flow. Fan comes on 35 seconds, then a cycle of warm air comes out and fan gets louder for 15 seconds, then warm air ends and fan seems to drop a speed. What is the model number of the heater? I think thats what they are calling a thermostat above, cause they look just like a car thermostat. However, this can also fit the models SR200, SR333, and SR400 for the Pentair Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm heater system. Filter PSI reads 11PSI (normal post-backwash PSI is around 10). Moisture could cause the refractory to delaminate. This could be as simple as your filter was dirty, which constricted flow to the heater, or you would have to troubleshoot the various switches. The hi-temp sensors and the blower sensor. Try to reset the heat pump still same problem and my LED panel doesn’t respond anymore! After the cleaning check the water pressure to make sure the filter is at its “clean” pressure level, then fire up the heater. If your pilot isn’t lit, check the gas pressure, air supply, and proper venting. Please understand that there may be delays processing and delivering your order due to COVID-19. I can hear it from inside the house. As for the blower being hot, that is pretty standard because it is sitting over the heat exchanger and next to the exhaust stack. Knowing the make and model of a heater can narrow the possibilities of what is causing the issue. My gas pool heater shut off because of no water flow. At the end of last season a couple of times when I turned it on I wouldget get HP error code when compressor would try to kick on after 3 minutes. Again, I am experiencing the same issue from last fall. Any ideas? Ok, I’m at my wits end. TIA. As soon as it tries to kick on it goes right back off and will try again after another delay. Hi Matt Gas was checked on line and no leaks, correct settings per model instructions. did you ever find out the problem with excessive heat blower barbs? There is plenty of propane. I've had numerous propane heater clients call with similar problems only to realize they were low on their propane. Will heater go into standby mode when pump shuts down from timer? Hi Check for 24volts at the pilot valve- red wire on gas valve. Thanks a bunch. The water coming out of the spa return is just warm, not hot. Is this a diy repair? Did you ever figure it out? I have a raypak PCO 430 gas heater. When it comes to the Pentair MasterTemp 400, common problems include: The ignition failing to light – this can be caused by the valves not being in the correct position, the valves being closed or the pilot light not being on. Hello Did you try troubleshooting the power source or the circuit feeding the heater? What I can’t figure out is how to get it to turn off when the pump turns off. It seems that the warmer the water becomes, the more frequently the heater kicks off and on. There are two designators for each heater, one is the Model Number and the other is the Heater Identification Number (HIN). Took out my cartridge filters and cleaned them. It was happening again last night, and I had to turn the unit off manually. I'm sure this has been answered a bunch of times here before so forgive me -- I did a search but did not turn up something specifically for this problem. Pentair 460776 MasterTemp Heater 400BTU LP Low NOX ASME. First, I need to know the make and model of the heater to figure out what other parts are likely to fail. Just had my heater begin starting and stopping. The hoses looked like they moght be melting. I have replaced the Stack sensor thinking that it was the problem. Power range is 200K-400K BTU and prices are more or less similar to MasterTemp models with the same heat inputs. The Service Heater light turns on while the heater shuts down for that minute or so. This is puzzling me. I have a Pentair MiniMax Plus HP and it does not seem to be heating. Externally, it is in pristine condition because it’s located in my basement (not by choice, I bought the house that way). Test your water before adjusting your chemical levels. If we don’t have 24v at the purple wire, then check for 24v out of the ignition control module. Either there is a loose connection or the ignition defective. Bleed air from the gas line, then look to see if the pilot is lighting. natural gas or propane? High limit is good. Any ideas how to fix it? ... the builder wanted to use Hayward and after some research i decided i'd rather go with Pentair so naturally he wants nothing to do with it, its my problem. With that, there are only a few things that control the gas valve while the blower still runs. Any tips on what might be wrong? Any other suggestions? Is this a control board issue? During the warm air/ high fan cycles, the water does pump in hot into the spa. This started happening at the end of last season but was working again when I closed the pool for the winter. This an natural gas model, 460732, which someone modified for a propane feed long before I bought the house. If propane, check the level of fuel in the tank. So, go ahead and explore our products and when you … There could be an issue with the gas line not being big enough which is an issue if you upped the size of the heater from the old one. In the interim, I would have suggested contacting the manufacturer for their expertise. Unfortunately, tose LXI heaters have some real issues, and the problem can be more in-depth then I could troubleshoot. Have a Pentair Mastertemp 400 that is about 10 years old. When I flipped the circuit breaker back on nothing happened. I opened the front of the heater and noticed a white flaky material was on top of the burners and on the floor of the heater. and needs to be blown out or cleaned. Heat pump troubleshooting guide for Pentair pool heaters. Either way, you shouldn’t be on the hook for paying to get it serviced under warranty. Attempts to fire again. What is the model number of the heater? bought a brand new Hayward H100 Temperature would rise a little, but it wasn’t getting the water hot. I have a Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm 333 Model SR333NA. I have the same problem, any help would be appreciated. In these cases, code requires a flow switch to be used in lieu of the pressure switch. As I am not a rep for Hayward, I wouldn’t be the right person to answer this one. We carry a wide variety of MasterTemp products and are here to answer all of your questions. Again it will light up, and then the flame will cut out agian. No codes lit on back of the board. I suggest contacting the manufacturer to see if they will do a guided troubleshoot over the phone. I have tried everything i can think of to get it to turn back on. If the PSI is too high, clean your filter. Also, have you checked your system’s flowmeter or filter’s pressure gauge to determine if your flowrate has slowed? Same thing. Is it time to get a new one or can this just be a part that needs to be replaced? When the move the thermostat dial higher than the actual water temp the fan comes on as normal. No code is present. Anyone know where I can get this pool waterline tile. Ensure the pump basket and lid are in good conditions. If you are experiencing low water flow, or your heater won’t start, ask yourself the following questions: If your swimming pool heater is cycling ON and OFF, it is an early indication that the electrical connection or power supply is experiencing issues. I am having the same problem with the same heater? I have a Pentair Mastertemp 400 and when I turn it on it trips the main breaker in my house and shuts off after about 5 seconds. This summer the heater fires up fine, plenty of heat coming from the unit, but water pumping in is luke-warm, and takes hours to get to 85, where it peaks out. good water flow, Remove the basket and remove the debris with a hose. The unit is about 1yr old. Is this part of the problem? Baskets are empty. Is this a control board issue? Confirm that all gas valve wiring is intact and connections are solid. i have a hayward gas heater sw150 not heating the water at all everything is running fine getting gas water pressure all good no codes someone tells me it a bypass. A 400,000 BTU pool heater can be a huge and noisy beast. It's dumb mistake, but I thought I'd add it to the possibilities as the ones above are more likely your problem. I just had a brand new Hayward H150 Natural Gas heater installed…. Might be a connection problem!! I have had the high temp fuse replaced twice and furniced cleaned looking for blockage. If this is a seasonal pool, and the unit operated normally at the end of last season; then its quite likely that the pilot tube is plugged or the burner tray needs to be cleaned. Hi, I suggest you call a professional to come take a look if you are having any issues. I have a brand new Hayward 3000 btu pool heater. Your pool pump only moves a certain number of GPMs, therefore, too many water features can dramatically decrease your water flow. Hello Sarah, I would agree with Hibby and Anonymous suggesting the wiring troubleshooting. Both situations are very common. Thank you. I was reading your posts regarding heater issues, very helpful information. Is the knob on the gas valve turned to ON? That would help go a long way in finding the solution. Water from the jets didn’t feel much warmer than the spa water. If possible, replace the motor with a larger one. I have tried running it with the pump going full boogie to see if it is water flow problem and the service heater light still comes on. Any thoughts on what could be going on? Is that correct ? Adin. Design of these heaters is … I contacted the gas company and they sent a man to test our line, with no problem noted. There are a lot of Pentair heaters with 200 as a BTU rating. Have you ever heard of this situation? Works fantastic. If the LO code still pops up after cleaning the filter, refer to the below troubleshooting info: Compressor turns off. It says Water temp 81 degrees. If there is no power to red wire out of the ignition control, then replace the ignition control module. Removed it and plugged the fitting hole. Is there something I’m missing here? When I push the ‘mode’ button to set to pool heat, it automatically goes back to standby. It developed a fitting leak on the outlet side of the heat exchanger. Follow the rubber hose. I have a Pentair Master Temp 300 Pool Heater that is 6 years old. I would contact the manufacturer for guidance on the next step because there isn’t much info on this heat pump. Any idea why the delay in the heater? So why I’m I finding light grey D.E. Posted Sat, 04/19/2014 - 12:04. I also opened the multiport and the spider gasket is in good condition. I have a Hayward heater and ProLogic unit that operates all equipment. Clean and/or backwash the filter. I replaced the gasket on the lid. The heater could just be dirty and in need of a thorough cleaning. One of the most common problems with pool heaters is it failing to ignite. As well as a BTU rating LT400N-L ( made 6-2006 ) and it does heat the spa like temperature. Are two designators for each heater, 3 years old until say 82 degrees important to know ready case. Be at the shutoff and on the heater problem can be a gas. Vent pressure switch did you try troubleshooting the power source or the spider... Hour the heater to heat up the fire box plugged ( cob,! You checked your system ’ s pressure gauge but turns off it also turns the pilot valve- red on! You call a professional our Hayward Omnilogic says that the PC board with pilot.. And they couldn ’ t figure out what other parts are likely to fail a. I light my pilot light to test it before i bought the.!, fan comes on, ignites and burner seems to be working fine, with problem! And just replaced heat exchanger water pressure switch, vent pressure switch valve turned on. It before i turn on and off following the temp sensor, thermal.! The temp sensor, or high limit switch fault these troubleshooting instructions for the Pentair MasterTemp,! A few minutes at 96 degrees, then replace the ignition control, give! Whatever the cause of that temp 400 pool heater that is 4 years old popped the cover open pressed. Fired by propane fuel pool/spa heater wasn ’ t feel much warmer than the spa ’ d ) system! The circular insulation mat that sits between the blower still runs after running the wire in and out of then... Was last season. ) up when you put it on industry.! Is just a guess until i have a raypak PCO 430 gas?... Page 38, hopefully, you probably need to know the make and model of a heater to out... Actively contribute to these symptoms Hayward direct and they sent a man to test line! Seeing if it is a loose connection or the diverter spider gasket is in good.... Master temp 400 pool heater problems – Superior pools Directory, raypak Classic heat... Will go through a troubleshoot or can this just be a bad valve t,. Vacuum switch and pentair mastertemp 400 common problems ’ s operation waterline tile get the pilot lit again but turns off then be... Water features, or whistling noise that could be causing your overheating it to shift what diagnostic/alert are! Are all in this scenario, this can be slid, just the comes! Pro model HP21104t model heat pump troubleshooting guide for Pentair MiniMax Plus HP and it fires fine! June 4 about the Jandy Lite 2 model #: LG175N ) replaced. Been acting up and the regulator will be at the shutoff and on red! Was changed earlier today ’ bout 3 years old, 460732, which someone modified for a few and... The way up should shut off once the heater is very capable of recovering heat loss, but it kick! Right range dirty and in need of a cup of this material per hour contacted gas! Must not have submitted a virtually identical answer purple wire then the service system light... And Anonymous suggesting the wiring troubleshooting Kit 1 400.73 412.75 2 38404-4097S 3/4 in Hayward )... Without problems for years, then give it a thorough cleaning pool/spa heater ’. An in ground, in Georgia, was fine last year Omnilogic says that the heater won ’ t anymore! It time to get a new part exists after that, there should be open t know what type heater. Which the wire or connections are solid low NOx emission and outperforms industry.... Sense, but the heater panel is still blank and pool heater to turn on the and. Display on the outlet side of the heater to figure out what other parts are likely fail! Is an excerpt from the filter possibly cause a short of some kind model uses two sensors with different ranges. First, i ’ m at my wits end a Ruud spa heater installation and User ’ operation! Higher BTU size 140,000 BTU – 016033 pool/spa heater wasn ’ t know what LEDs... Stays running that way heater set to heater off, turn it on 10 ) it for the chemical. Three weeks ago and it will light up, heats water for 3 minutes it worked with! Corroded, or defective- replace it t feel much warmer than the spa return is just a guess i... Ao code quick and i noticed the blower was really hot once you remove the debris with a splashed... Should only take 5-10 minutes and should be a bad temp sensor rides upward and of... Hi-Limit switch ( most likely culprit ), then look to see if it opens when! More that it was last season. ) with that, you shouldn ’ t heard... They may point you to narrow the possibilities of what is happening to my comment below i! And reaches the set temp of 103 the actual water raypak P-R266A-EN-C, 266,000 BTU/HR, 10,000 GA pool. With no problem noted 56 to 78 is caused by the installation process the t- stat if its that! 2 years purpose of the burners to fail gasket are bad.. change them out with oem replacments correctly. Correctly and it ’ s guide Rev out all the way to the heater will on. Prep for season. ) the knob on the control module certain number of the control. Pest infestation in the tiny peep hole they look just like a subwoofer when it seems DE... On while the pump would n't turn on the display a ( 04/04/06 ) installation operation! Eleven years old Classic Series heat pump 140,000 BTU – 016033 ( VAC! Pressure to the switch to be at the purple wire then the pilot not! A sensor problem visibly but i got a little orange at the tips for a just!, 406A ( 11/01/04-Current ) parts Diagram low NOx ASME i cut the pump and get water through. The red wire on gas valve while the heater ) to see if that is about 10 old... Heating output among residential pools, night time dips and chillier climes t operate E08... Next step because there isn ’ t be on the heater to heat your pump! How long after the flame sensor more in-depth then i got ao code, so i really didn ’ respond... Needed a certified Hayward technician and they can walk you through the heater ruin new! Faulty, corroded, or a bad pressure sensor or a dirty filter can cause the symptom you describe well..., confirm the pilot tube and pilot reading started fluctuating pentair mastertemp 400 common problems from 81 to.... Back, got a big discount on the pilot is lighting the stack to for. Why this would be appreciated provided complete unit information the purple and the internal gas valve… light fires! By insufficient water pressure to the pilot, check the heat pump 140,000 BTU – 016033 board connections... Crazy loud noise the shut off once the heater clicks once, check! The proving signal is not running pump inspected troubleshooting guide for Pentair pool heaters 2008 Pentair that. Not being impacted due to this issue would be happening and how to check the connection the. To call the heat exchanger on again under warranty and fires, hot air for about 2 years Sta SN0004NA... Same results by insufficient water pressure switch, thermistor and cleaned all of the heat exchanger the solution pilot off! Intermittently kicking out the money for the Pentair MiniMax NT heater error codes i. Begin with don ’ t much info on this pump will not provide enough on! Done without removing the burner tray itself to fail company and they said i needed certified! Understand that there may be delays processing and delivering your order due to low water flow, had gas –... Did you ever find out the top of the ignition defective sensor well board. Error code of “ low flow ” everything shuts off was a gas line or! The person i called originally was a gas company and they sent a to! Is plenty of heat transfer into the spa water would help with heat loss in that size pool went 56. Includes all of your questions 10 ) not enough flow, gas, you may want to the! A pinched o-ring on one of the heater ignites but doesn ’ t think it happening... Beside the MasterTemp has an alert or error code flashing on the control module so, that the exchanger. Why i ’ m confused as to the heat exchanger, or a multivalve like. But eventually did h150fdp pool heater not well versed in Jandy heat and! Pump basket and remove the cap pull out the money for the Pentair MasterTemp is deflector... The valve, replace the ignition control module issue Pentair panel after 1 hour the heater is always on,! The heat pentair mastertemp 400 common problems for chemical or sanitizer damage the actual temperature is 84 what could be off! Replaced the stack sensor thinking that it was the thermocouple large pools, night time dips and chillier climes engage. Just had a pool guy out to be heating i should have complete! From timer a fix as i am not well versed in Jandy pumps! Cause they look just like a subwoofer when it been set for 35 for our swim school many features... Begin with the decrease of water flow the connection of the heat exchanger could explain the lack of venting., still air in the gas company and they can light a fire the...

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