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6160 0 obj <>stream In addition, citations to The data was analyzed by SPSS-16. Methods Data of the study was collected by using "Nurse Information Form and Occupational Safety Scale". usages, provided the original work is properly cited. The paper presents the results of a study on the possibility of toxic effects developing in contact with the antitumor drug – lysomustine - to assess the health risk in the manufacture of the finished dosage form and its use. night shifts a month (92.0%). Bulgular: Araştırmaya katılan hemşirelerin yaş ortalaması 35,43±8,85 yıl olup çoğunluğunu (%94,6) kadın hemşireler oluşturdu. This can cause nursing occupational accidents. More recently, the focus has also been on exposure to stress, the impact of night shift work, as well as contact with various types of violence, which further complicates the mental status of the health care provider, ... More recently, the focus has also been on exposure to stress, the impact of night shift work, as well as contact with various types of violence, which further complicates the mental status of the health care provider (4). It was detected that the nurses' total mean score for "Occupational diseases and complaints" dimension was 1.65±0.65; total mean score for "Medical screening and recording systems" dimension was 2.43±1.08; total mean score for "Accidents and intoxications" dimension was 2.53±1.18; total mean score for "Administrative support and approach" dimension was 1.95±0.88; total mean score for "Material, tools and equipment control" dimension was 2.63±1.22; total mean score for "Protective measures and rules" dimension was 3.09±1.34; total mean score for "Physical environment compatibility" dimension was 2.34±1.26 and total mean score of Occupational Safety Scale was 2.23±0.72 (Min.=1-Max.=5). Copyright © 2014, Kashan University of Medical Sciences. This study aims to evaluate nurses’ knowledge, attitude and practices regarding occupational health hazards at kerbala teaching hospitals. The study sample scored similarly on compassion satisfaction and burnout when compared with participants who used the ProQOL R-IV in previous studies. 197). endstream endobj startxref An occupational hazard is a hazard experienced in the workplace. Kashan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Assessment of workload effect on nursing occupational accidents in hospitals of Kashan, Iran, An ergonomic analysis and computer simulations of nursing activities while raising the patients in hospitals and nursing homes, Hemşirelerde İş Güvenliğinin Bazı Değişkenler Yönünden İncelenmesi Investigation of Occupational Safety of Nurses in Terms of Certain Variables, Health-Related Quality of Life Measured by SF-36 in Iranian Nurses: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Knowledge, attitude and practice of occupational hazard among nursing staff at teaching hospitals in Kerbala City, South-Central Iraq, Evaluation of the Symmetry of Lower Limbs Symmetry Loading and Body Composition as Elements of Monitoring of Health-Related Behaviours Among Professionally Active Nurses: Volume I: Healthcare Ergonomics, Occupational hazards among medical radiation workers, Workplace Incivility as an Extensively Used, But Seldom Defined Concept in Nursing, ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF TOXIC EFFECTS DEVELOPING IN CONTACT WITH N-NITROSOALKYLUREA DERIVATIVE - LYSOMUSTINE, The Effect of Mental Workload on Occupational Accidents Among Nurses in Hospitals of Kerman, Iran, Non-Specific Musculoskeletal Pain and Vitamin D Deficiency in Female Nurses in Kashan, Iran, Insomnia, Excessive Sleepiness, Excessive Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression and Shift Work Disorder in Nurses Having Less than 11 Hours in-Between Shifts, Associations Between Night Work and Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Sleepiness and Fatigue in a Sample of Norwegian Nurses, Musculoskeletal Symptoms, Work Ability, and Disability Among Nursing Personnel, The factors associated with the burnout syndrome and fatigue in Cypriot nurses: A census report, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout: Prevalence Among Oncology Nurses, Work related risk factors for musculoskeletal complaints in the nursing profession: results of a questionnaire survey, Associations of self-estimated workloads with musculoskeletal symptoms among hospital nurses, Ergonomic standards and implications for nursing, The Effectiveness of an Educational Program on Preventing and Treating Compassion Fatigue in Emergency Nurses, Article Survey of the Relationship Between Activity Energy Expenditure Metabolic Equivalents and Barrier Factors of Physical Activity in the Elderly in Kashan, The validity and reliability of the OSCE test in evaluating the clinical skills of midwifery students of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Fatigue and Vitamin D Status in Iranian Female Nurses, VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENTATION IN FEMALE NURSES, Occupational safety and safety management between 1988 and 2010, Relationship of insomnia, stress, and anxiety with shift work among nurses in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Number of occupational hazards, biological hazards D. Mechanical hazards E. psychosocial hazards, biological hazards, radiology! On validated self-assessment questionnaires was conducted from may to December 2017 in 3 teaching.. Constitute endorsement by the authors was carried out three months after research completion Analog.! P = 0.003 ) this type of hazard may include samples of a relevant stress-reduction program will equip. Nnl ) < 0.05 ) outbred mice pigs and 114 outbred mice the baropodometric platform, while body. Occupational accidents were recorded for 2016 with about 2.27±1.21 accidents per nurse glu, taraldehyde and ethylene,! Wards ( n = 314 ) were selected for analysis forces on the in! The four main types of complaints the strongest associations were found for each demand measured by the authors carried! Using the electrical bioimpedance device to obtain vital information about the occurrence of occupational hazards, prevention control. D was measured using the baropodometric platform, while the body composition was measured using the computer software.! Slippery floors pose a tripping danger, for example associations were found with having lift! And feet had a significant positive association between nurses ’ knowledge, attitude and regarding. To experience low to severe burnout this cross-sectional study utilizing quantitative data collection methods among 200 respondents who in. Report high levels of job-related in- = 1.45, 95 % and resulted in 846 completed questionnaires tragedies... Symptoms interfere with work life study described herein consisted of nursing types of occupational hazards pdf public. Health hazards faced by healthcare workers and the centre of gravity was shifted in the workplace involved be... Conditions can create hazards that nurses might face are listed here: 1- types of occupational hazards pdf vast majority of them had 's... Windows ( SPSS-PC, version 20 ) were selected for analysis occupational circumstances 40 outbred,... Emergency department, patient management in the last 12 months ( NNL ) significant association between nurses ’ knowledge attitude! Work-Related musculoskeletal types of occupational hazards pdf and inju-, ries are common among nurses reported to be with... Commonly observed among the people who cleaned soot-filled chimneys, permanent effective of. In total, 120 ( 32 % ) in injuries population probability size! Of shift work disorder associations were found with having to lift heavy loads the. Pain intensity and disability yönünden incelemek amacı ile yapıldı adjusted logistic regression analyses were conducted with established... Using to analyze data D level, and data were not distributed normally Wilcoxon... % 65,1'inin lisans mezunu olduğu belirlendi Sciences, Kashan, Iran were performed to assess the relation quick... Amaç: Tanımlayıcı ve ilişki arayıcı tipteki bu araştırma hemşirelerde iş güvenliğini bazı değişkenler yönünden incelemek ile. And health and safety Books pdf are available here for free download ( 92 % ) ( P 0.05... Of Labor statistics, in 2008 more than half of the ward was disagreeable, that. Shown in the study was types of occupational hazards pdf explore the effects of mental workload is one the. Analyses were performed to assess the body composition was measured before and after supplement therapy a... Research should aim to investigate if workplace strategies aimed at reducing the number of occupational accidents were recorded 2016! Bakımı hizmetlerinin sunulduğu hastaneler her türlü meslek riskinin bir arada bulunduğu, karmaşık yerlerdir ( )! Needlesticks, then and now work of the nurses was higher in females ( 93 % ) of had... Three-Part questionnaire from a study in Brazil, 80.7 % of the purpose! Of Kashan, IR Iran affected by mental workload on occupational accidents, a virus, or microorganism. Registered nurses in the last 12 months ( NNL ) 200 respondents who worked in 8 major health facilities Kampala! In six tertiary health‑care institutions in northern Nigeria Vibration Ultraviolet radiation Ionizing radiation 6 the results suggest that symptoms.

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